Gardening Tips for January

January is a wonderful month for catching up on all the jobs that you need to do around the garden, and as most of nature is still in hibernation you can get a lot achieved without falling behind like you would do later on in the year! 1. Prune your apple trees and pear trees […]

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How to Stage Your House for Sale

(Part 1) First impressions matter when it comes to viewing a house. Staging your home is when you highlight the positives about your house and downplay the negatives to make it more appealing to your prospective buyers when they come to view it. This shouldn’t cost a lot of money (but you can of course, […]

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Why Marketing Your House Is Important When You Put It Up For Sale

Marketing is the most important factor when you are selling your home. It can be a considerable expense but by having a strong marketing strategy for selling your home, you will increase the interest which can result in a higher offer for your property. 1. Photos are possibly the most important aspect when it comes […]

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